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  • What is the size and weight of your alfajores?

    Small alfajores: average weight 30grams, 4cm diameter

    Large alfajores 6cm diameter, 75 grams average

    Tiny alfas, 3cm diameter, 18 grams average

  • What kind of ingredients do you use?

    We use all Australian ingredients, 80% of which are organic.

  • Do your alfajores come individually packaged?

    YES! Our handcrafted alfajores are all carefully packaged with eco-friendly food grade safe greaseproof paper in, then they are placed carefully in our eco-friendly boxes and tied ready to be picked up or shipped to you!!

  • Do your alfajores contain traces of nuts?

    Our artisanal alfajores may contain traces of nuts and tree nuts, so we do not recommend consuming them if you do have these allergies.

  • Has your kitchen been registered and approved by council?

    YES, our kitchen has been fully approved by our local municipality and is safely registered, adhering to all food safety guidelines so rest assured your alfajores are being prepared in the most hygienic and safe environment possible.

  • What is the best way to store our alfajores?

    The best way to store them is in their original packaging (greaseproof paper). Our alfajores can be kept at room temperature throughout the colder months but we recommend keeping them in the fridge during Melbourne’s hotter months. Andrea’s favourite way to eat the alfajores is to put them in the freezer for at least two hours and eat them as dessert with a hot cup of tea, even when no one is watching she dunks them in.

  • Do you accept larger orders for special events, catering or corporate events?

    Yes we do, but depending on the size of the order, we will require at least 3 weeks’ notice and a 50% deposit.

  • Do you make gluten free or vegan alfajores?

    Not at this stage, but it is definitely something we are experimenting with.

  • How long do your alfajores stay fresh for?

    Since our handcrafted alfajores are made with no preservatives and we make them fresh 48 hours before pick up, they should stay fresh for at least 20 days. If kept in the fridge, this can be extended for up to a month and in the freezer for up to 2 months.

  • Do you offer shipping?

    Yes we do offer shipping, although we do not recommend this as it can possibly compromise the integrity of our alfajores due to the exposure to heat on the way to your address. If you are requiring shipping though, it will be at buyer’s expense but we can organise to get it to you.