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AlfaSur was born in 2020 in Melbourne South Eastern suburbs, Australia.

A long overdue dream for Andrea born and raised in Argentina and inspired by one of her husband’s favourite childhood sweets called the alfajor (al-fa-hor) cookie.

Andrea, her husband and eldest daughter, (Camila), moved to Melbourne in 2004. Upon arrival to “the generous land” as she likes to refer to Australia,  her passion for baking grew stronger as she was trying to replicate with local ingredients the flavour of breads, sweets & other treats from her native country with the intention of passing onto her daughters parts of her culture in the form of food and yummy treats.

For Andrea baking has always been associated with comforting memories of her own childhood of family time spent in the kitchen with her loved ones learning how to cook.

While baking with her daughters she was fascinated by the way the girls were transforming the ingredients and the look of the original alfajor as she knew it. She then realised that the ritual of baking together was much more than producing a childhood sweet, she saw through the eyes & hands of the girls the potential to create CONNECTION,  HAPPINESS & LOVE through those little bites.

Motivated by Camila’s & Sofia’s creations, she then decided to give life to ALFASUR as a way to materialize happy family memories, and most importantly, the dream of sharing these unique mouth-watering & addictive confections with others.

Alfajores are a gem from South America and Andrea’s recipe is a GIFT to YOU of baking secrets passed from one generation to another that started more than 200 years ago and have travelled all the way from EUROPE to SOUTH AMERICA to finally land in AUSTRALIA.


Baking Since 2020

About Alfajores Cookies

Alfajores are traditional sandwich cookies from South America, found most often in Argentina & Uruguay. They are a beloved confection there, often eaten as a dessert, afternoon tea, lunchbox treat for the young ones, snack, and even breakfast.

For each sandwich, a caramel (dulce de leche) filling is spread between two buttery cookies that both crumble and melt in your mouth.

Sometimes the sandwich is topped with powdered sugar, rolled in coconut flakes, or coated with a layer of chocolate. 

We offer the original traditional flavors, as well as Andrea’s daughter’s variations only available in the “Tiny Alfas” version that use almonds, peanuts & powdered sugar.

All our alfajores are 100% handcrafted and made with 80% Certified organic ingredients. We know the alfajor will soon become one of your favorite treats!

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